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Les Escargots Church at Castro Marim

Welcome to the website dedicated to providing information about the American artist Robert Sivard (1914-1990) and featuring examples of his work.

Mr. Sivard worked in both the fine art and commercial art fields. His talent and wit are revealed in the many original paintings and prints he produced during his career.

His choice of subject matter, the narrative quality of his work, and skilled use of color and detail made his style refreshingly different from many of his 'Pop Art' contemporaries.

Please see the examples of Mr. Sivard's early press coverage, which reflect the qualities that endured in the art throughout his life.

The images exhibited here in our Gallery are protected by copyright laws and are made available for the purposes of scholarship.

Comments or additional information about Robert Sivard are welcome. Please contact us or telephone James Sivard at 703-777-4352 (US).

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